Proofreading Info and Rates

For any court reporters needing a stellar proofreader or just looking for some basic information.
 Standard Proofing: 48-hour turnaround, $.35 per page
Rush Proofing: Less than 48-hour turnaround, $.55 per page
Daily Proofing: Less than 12 hours turnaround, $.75 per page
 My Proofreading Method:
Once I receive your transcript via PDF, I make any corrections on the transcript itself.
I mark corrections clearly and boldly so there is no confusion of something being missed. 
Upon completion, you will receive the corrected pages back for you to make the appropriate changes. You are always free to ignore some changes if they are more preferential in nature.
I follow Merriam-Webster's dictionary, along with these three style manuals which I use based upon your preferences: Morson's, Gregg, and Bad Grammar, Good Punctuation.

I look forward to answering any questions of yours and to helping make your work look pristine!
~Sarah Brown~

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